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Cedar Rapids No-Zone Accident Lawyer

Large commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are infamous roadway threats due to their enormous size, weight, slow braking speeds, and large blind spots. These blind spots, often referred to as no-zone regions, cover a large percentage of a truck and are a great threat to smaller vehicles on the road.

Because of the design of large commercial trucks and the elevated seat of the driver, there are huge expanses of roadway that the driver is completely unable to see. If a smaller vehicle is cruising in one of these areas for a long time, it is possible that the truck could crash into this smaller vehicle without any awareness of its existence beforehand.

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Dangerous Areas

No-zone accidents frequently take place when a smaller vehicle spends excessive amounts of time in the following areas surrounding a large truck.

  • The Front No-Zone: Because the truck driver has an elevated position within the truck’s cab, he or she is often unable to see small vehicles that are located immediately in front of the truck. This is especially true of motorcycle riders. As such, a truck driver may rear-end a vehicle that he does not even know is located in front of him.
  • Side No-Zones: Perhaps the most notorious of a truck’s no-zone areas are the side no-zones. These cover most of the length of the truck’s trailer, and are especially dangerous when truck drivers want to change lanes and cannot view vehicles located along side them.
  • The Rear No-Zone: Because large commercial trucks are usually carrying a trailer, they have no use for rear-view mirrors. As such, they are unable to see any vehicles located behind them.

The size and weight of 18-wheeler trucks make them especially dangerous when they collide with other vehicles. If you have been injured in one of these accidents, you deserve financial compensation for your pain, suffering, and any medical bills you may have incurred.

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