Cedar Rapids OWI Victim Lawyer

One of the most foolish things that someone can do is to get behind the wheel of an automobile when under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances. It poses a grave danger to his or her own safety and to the safety of all other motorists and pedestrians who suffer the misfortune of coming near them on the roadway. There are stiff criminal penalties for Operating While Intoxicated (OWI), but those will do little to help address your needs if you have been the victim of an accident caused by another’s intoxicated driving.

Fortunately, you can pursue a civil action against the negligent individual whose poor choices endangered your life. A successful lawsuit can help you gain financial compensation so that your life will not be unduly interrupted. Contact the Cedar Rapids OWI victim lawyers of Leehey Olson Law, P.C. at (319) 294-4424.

Advantages of a Civil Action

Operating While Intoxicated is a criminal offense, but the aim of a criminal prosecution is to give society the opportunity judge an individual’s actions. This does little to serve your interest as the direct victim of an OWI driver’s negligence, which is a fact that is often missed in the eager media discussions of jail time and juror selection. A civil suit can grant you consideration for the following things that would not be covered in any criminal proceedings:

  • Compensation for Medical Bills
  • Compensation for Motor Vehicle Repairs
  • Lost Wages Due to Injury
  • Emotional Trauma

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There is no excuse for an individual’s decision to drive under the influence of any controlled substance. Contact the Cedar Rapids OWI victim lawyers of Leehey Olson Law, P.C. by calling (319) 294-4424.

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