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follow If you were to search the streets of Cedar Rapids looking for a dram shop, odds are that you would become lost, confused, and return home empty handed. As one of many examples of the long standing tradition of passing legal terminology down through the ages, dram shop laws are laws that hold liable purveyors of alcoholic beverages for the consequences of their patrons’ actions under certain circumstances. When a customer is unable to distinguish the line marking that enough is enough, it becomes a bartender or other commercial agent’s responsibility to do so.

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go to site Automobile accidents caused by an intoxicated driver who was served when obviously inebriated or otherwise unfit to purchase alcohol are grounds for a civil action on your behalf. As the victim of a drunk driving crash, you are entitled to seek financial compensation for injuries and damages sustained due to an establishment’s negligence. Contact the 365trading de Cedar Rapids dram shop lawyers of Leehey Olson Law, P.C. at (319) 294-4424.

When to Say “When”

erfahrungen mit zoomtrader As part of the training that bartenders undergo to become legally authorized to sell alcohol, they are given guidance on how to determine whether or not a customer is fit to be served. Certainly, not everyone who is intoxicated will become a cartoonish caricature of stumbling, slurring, or shouting. But it is a drinking establishment’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are able to make intelligent determinations about whether or not someone should be served. There are two cases in which sales should absolutely not be made:

  • When an Individual is Intoxicated
  • When an Individual Will Become Intoxicated Due to the Present Purchase

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enter site Bartenders are often on the front lines of prevention when it comes to the intoxicated operation of motor vehicles. Failure to stop it before it starts comes with real consequences. Contact the Cedar Rapids dram shop lawyers of Leehey Olson Law, P.C. at (319) 294-4424.

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