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Motorcycle Safety: City Riding

source Motorcycles can make excellent vehicles for your daily commute to and from work. Motorcycles can be more fuel-efficient and much more compact than cars and trucks. This is especially useful on crowded city streets, where the maneuverability of motorcycles can be an asset. But staying safe on a motorcycle in city traffic can sometimes be a challenge.

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City Dangers

purchase generic Lyrica As you get closer to the city center, and especially during peak traffic hours, the sheer number of automobiles on the road can make it difficult to pay attention to traffic. Even worse, people driving cars and trucks usually have less awareness of where they are in space and what is around them than motorcycle riders. One side-effect of the compactness of motorcycles is that they can sometimes be difficult for drivers to notice. For that reason, bikers should never assume a driver sees them.

The majority of accidents involving a motorcycle and an automobile are the fault of the driver, not the biker. Since motorcycles offer little protection, motorcyclists have more reasons to be alert and are able to better see and hear traffic than someone surrounded by a car. This lack of protection also means that, even though motorcyclists are not usually at fault for accidents, they stand to be much more seriously injured because of another person’s actions.

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