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Food Poisoning

When purchasing food from a restaurant or grocery store, most people automatically assume that these items will be safe for consumption. Unfortunately, though, there are many acts of negligence that can result in a contamination of the food product and subsequent illness of the individual who eats the toxic food. Food-borne illnesses, also known as food poisoning, can be a threat to anyone, and it is sometimes grounds for legal action.

broker per opzioni If you or someone you love has become ill after eating a contaminated food product, there may be a way for you to hold the negligent party liable for your suffering. Contact the knowledgeable http://factsboard.com/category/animals/insects Cedar Rapids product liability attorneys of Leehey Olson Law, P.C., at (319) 294-4424 to discuss your case with an experienced member of our legal team today.

Causes of Contamination

opcje binarne na czym polega Food poisoning can come in a variety of forms, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even fungi. After you are exposed to any of these pathogens, you may suffer from nausea, vomiting, considerable abdominal pain, dehydration, headaches, and other related symptoms. Some of the ways that these pathogens can contaminate food include:

  • Using unclean kitchen tools
  • Failing to properly package food products
  • Selling or serving food that is beyond its expiration date
  • Utilizing negligent transportation services
  • Allowing hazardous substances in containers or packaging

see While many cases of food-borne illnesses disappear in a few days, others can leave you feeling weak and unable to work or complete other obligations for weeks.

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enter If you or someone you love has suffered from food poisoning as a result of another’s careless behavior, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your lost wages and medical bills. Contact the Cedar Rapids product liability lawyers of Leehey Olson Law, P.C., at (319) 294-4424 to speak to a member of our qualified legal team today.

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