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Comparing Negligence and Gross Negligence

binaryoptions it com While negligence is a basic requirement of any tort or civil case, there can be some variation to the type of negligence with which the offending business or individual is charged. Where negligence is determined by a person’s breach of his or her civil duty to act in a reasonable manner, grossly negligent actions are those that fail to exercise any sort of care with regards to others. These are typically actions the individual knows could cause harm, but decides to commit anyways.

simulatore opzioni binarie euro dollaro If you or someone you know has been injured by someone else’s negligent or grossly negligent actions, you may be eligible for financial compensation to pay for the repercussions of their recklessness. For more information about your legal options, contact our online dating pointers Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyers of Leehey Olson Law, P.C., today at (319) 294-4424.

Negligence vs. Gross Negligence

http://fhlchristianministries.org/?encycloped=Making-money-through-the-internet-zimbabwe&077=29 Although there are many similarities, the differences between negligence and gross negligence can affect your case and include the following:

  • Negligence is when one’s level of care is less than that of a responsible person’s, whereas gross negligence can be considered the failure to show any form of care
  • Gross negligence is a deliberate action with the knowledge that the action is dangerous and could be harmful, while negligence is simply carelessness
  • Negligence cases typically result in only compensatory damages, while gross negligence cases could have more severe consequences

http://beachgroupcommercial.com/?kachalka=veri-siti-per-fare-trading&b89=8b For example, if a rock-climbing company’s equipment unexpectedly fails and causes an injury, it would be considered negligence. However, if the worker knowingly used damaged equipment, the employee or company could be held liable for gross negligence.

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source link For more information about the difference between negligence and gross negligence and how it affects your case, contact our Cedar Rapids personal injury attorneys of Leehey Olson Law, P.C., today at (319) 294-4424.

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